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The Meaning Life Of Cross Gender Dancer

The phenomenon of cross gender have much happen in Indonesia, both in daily life and in the performing arts. In the reality, cross gender dancers has provided a new color in the development of the dance world. In another perspective, a choice to be cross gender dancers as a ploy by surviving the competition and survive.This research is qualitative research with phenomenology approach. The aim of this is study to see the reality cross gender dancers�s lives, regarding the meaning of their lives. There are many barriers or obstacles on their life, but they can still show their existence and interpret their life as a cross gender particularly as a dancer. Data collection of this research using interviews method. The results showed that the cross gender dancer is a dancer who performed a dance with crossing character, like male dancer who performed a dance of female and dressed up with all female attributes but it only to a work. The cross gender dancers interprets the image of himself that they are a professional dancer in the archives so that they should be nice and beautiful in their performances. Keywords: Dancers, Cross Gender, The Meaning Of Life