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Assessment Of Nipa Palm Using Gis: A Case Study In Bangpakong River, Thailand

The assessment of Nipa Palm population using THEOS Thailand Earth was carried out on Bangpakong river in the area of Chachoengsoa province Thailand for the purpose of planning for conservation and utilization the natural resources along mangrove forests.The result found that there were 2,907 Rai of Nypa Plam in Chachoensoa Province which can classified to the area with low dense distribution, medium dense distribution and high dense distribution, were 196, 1,056 and, 1,655 and Rai, respectively. Amount of 3 dense distribution group there were divided into utilization and non utilization group according to the farmer. The utilization group belonging to 4,651,424 square meter, which were three density level. The high density area compose of 1,787,124 clump per rai which were 4,664,101 leaf stalk, 41,016 flower and 41,016 compound fruit per rai. Index Terms- Gis, Nipa Palm, Assesment.