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The Use Of Drama In Modern Language Learning: Does It Have An Effect On Students� Learning?

Many researchers believe the use of drama in education helps students to enhance various skills in language learning, especially oral communication. This paper reports finding from action research using drama in modern language learning, implemented for French language students in one of the universities in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. 15 female students with 56 hours experience in learning French are involved in this study which uses creative drama as a medium of communication in exercising the use of past tense in learning a foreign language. Students participated in four series of drama activities with three particular themes related to their learning. The results from the pre and post-test from the drama activities in the group, in addition to individual oral assessment, based on French International Oral Examination (DELF A2), revealed statistically a positive significance. The result from the written activities for the dialogues also showed a positive significance. Hence, the finding suggests strong support for utilizing drama in developing students� skill in oral and written communication as well as in strengthening students� understanding of grammar learning. Keywords- Action research, drama in education, foreign language learning, oral and written communication.