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Optimization Unbalanced Vehicle Route Problem Using Population Based Optimization Algorithms: Shortest Path Of A Piece Of Real City Model Supported By Google Map

Actually, city road network doesn’t resemble regular graph model problem. In realcity, roads have very different troubles, like sloped (ramp), narrow/wide, bad road, crowded junction, etc. That’s why road network shortest path problem in a real city is an unbalanced routing problem, and it’s solvesis np-hard. In this study, a section of City of Burdur/ Türkiye from google map is modeled. This model is unbalanced graph model, in road, each conjunction and cross has presented anode, and all node not connected each other. Connected two nodeshave more than one edge. Each edge has different weight, which ischangedaccording to real road map condition. For example, narrow roads edge’s weight value greater than wide’s. Thus optimizations cost value will be bigger and supported theoptimum solution. The model was solved by the genetics and harmony search algorithm, and each solution model is compared. Keywords: Unbalanced vehicle route, Population based optimization, Google map.