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Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Authentic Leadership And Organizational Justice Interplay In UAE Police Sector: Moral Values As A Moderator

One of the key solutions when facing challenges in the marketplace is effective leadership. Authentic leadership theory is “As a process that draws from both positive psychological capacities and a highly developed organizational context, which results in both greater self-awareness and self-regulated positive behaviors on the part of leaders and associates, fostering positive self-development”, which leads to positive organizational behavior. Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is defined as discretionary behaviors that are not directly or explicitly recognized by the formal reward system. This research examines the moderating effects of moral values of individuals on the relationship between authentic leadership and OCB and between justice perceptions and OCB. Moral values definition is "beliefs about what is good and evil behavior within the individual's control, bearing on relations to self, to others, to God, and to the natural and animal world." Where, organizational justice is the study of people’s perception of fairness in organization. This is a conceptual paper and a conceptual framework is proposed. Index Terms - Authentic Leadership, Justice, Moral values Organizational Citizenship Behaviour