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Human Trafficking: Review Of The Respective Act And Its Enforcement In Bangladesh

Trafficking of human being is both a cause and consequence of the violation of human rights. In the modern world, the consequences of trafficking are devastating to its victim and the society. Human Trafficking has become a serious issue in Bangladesh resulting in terrible and sometimes horrifying consequences. This article was made to understand the anti-trafficking law. The objective of this article is to find out the way to overcome the ambiguities and make the mechanisms more functional in dealing with human trafficking related matters and cases. I also tried to point out the reasons behind becoming a victim of human trafficking with relevant case studies and to create awareness on that issue. I hope my discussions, researches and analysis can help our people aware and to prevent the human trafficking in our country even if it is very few. Only then I shall feel I am succeeded. Keywords: Human Trafficking, Labour Exploitation, Fraudulent Migration, Bangladesh, Constitution Provisions, Convention, Anti-Trafficking Legislations, Human Trafficking Deterrence and Suppression Act 2012.