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A Study Of The Effects Of Marketing Mix On Brand Equity Dimensions

Since the elevated position brand equity has an outstanding importance, this paper studies the effect of mixed marketing on brand equity. Given the increased number of competitive goods provided from all product classes in the market, and the opportunities presenting themselves alongside, the dimensions of the brand equity have found increasing importance for the corporations in providing the customers with unlimited choices across brand industries. The brand equity is considered a key indicator of brand health; and its continuous revision is very important in effective brand management. The brands of large corporations survive the attacks from their competition due to the relations they have established with their customers. Thus, the aim of this investigation is to introduce some models illustrating the effect of marketing mix on brand equity. This paper builds on the literature, specifically the works of Buil et al (2013) and Huang and Sarig�ll� (2012), in order to allow the researchers to use them in further studies. Keywords- Brand Equity, Brand Loyalty, Perceived Quality, Brand Awareness.