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Study The Effect Of Some Mechanical Behavior For Chemically Treated Natural Fiber Based Polymer Composites

In recent years, natural fiber reinforced polymer composites have enhanced much attention because of their many advantages such as lightweight, nonabrasive,, low cost and biodegradable properties. many research has been studied all over the world on the use of natural fibers as a reinforcing material for the preparation of various types of polymer composites. However, due to the incompatibility between fibers and polymer matrices, the tendency to form aggregates during processing and shortge the use of natural fibers as reinforcements in polymers. Chemical treatments of the surface of natural fiber can clean the fiber surface, stop the moisture absorption process, (chemically modify the surface) , and increase the surface roughness. To this end, in the present research work, the use of sawdust fiber as natural fibers in polymer matrix has been studied. Also, the effect of surface modification of natural fibers on some mechanical properties of sawdust fiber reinforced polymer composites has also been discussed. Index Terms- Polymer , Natural Fiber, Chemical Tearment