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Deposition Of Nicrmo Nanowires Using Anodic Aluminum Oxide Template

This work aims to fabricate NiCrMo nanowires with wt% of 72.2, 19.5 and 8.3% respectively which closed to the composition of NiCrMo alloy that used in dental applications. The fabrication was done by electrochemical process using anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) as a template which prepared in 0.3M oxalic acid. The fabricated nanowires were characterized by XRD, SEM, EDS and TEM. The produced nanowires have 70-72 nm in diameter and 10-20 μm in length. The XRD pattern of fabricated nanowires indicates the formation of symmetric orthorhombic Ni40Cr18Mo42 phase within Ni matrix with uniformly wire arrays at the same dimensions. These arrays were deposited in orderly pores of AAO as indicated by SEM and TEM techniques. Index Terms´┐ŻNanowire, NiCrMo, Electrochemical method, AAO template.