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Structural Health Monitoring Of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint Using Acoustic Emission Technique

Reinforced concrete (RC) beam-column joint is the critical part in a RC building. The service life of the structure would reduce when the load continuously increases. Hence, it needs for the structural health monitoring (SHM) of the beam-column joint to maintain the serviceability of the structure. Hence, this study aims to assess the crack progression in the RC beam-column joint when the beam subjected to increasing static loading. In doing so, the acoustic emission (AE) was used to monitor the performance of the beam-column joint when the beam subjected to vertical point load at 530 mm away from the column surface. The results of visual observation and acoustic parameters are simultaneously acquired during the test and analysed to identify the crack modes in the RC beam-column joint. The b-value and cumulative signal strength were calculated and analysed. It is found that the b-value analysis and cumulative signal strength served a promising tool in collaboration with crack growth as well as the formation of microcracking and macrocracking in RC beam-column joint. Index Terms- Acoustic emission, b-value, beam-column joint, structural health monitoring.