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Information Technology in Arabic Linguistic � Arabic Read and Write

In this paper, authors present a desktop application called as �Arabic Read And Write�, developed by students that helps the user to learn Arabic. Most of the similar applications available in the market are either web application or commercial, which means, they provide none or limited functionalities for free or cannot be downloaded and practiced offline. Our application breaks this restriction and provides all of the features, free of cost and offline access. This is a major advantage. As this application is computer based it overrides the traditional method of slate-pencil teaching, which also implements the paperless and pollution free environment. There are several advantages of this application those are explained detail in the paper chapters. One of the future works of this application is to develop another application that helps to develop command over Arabic vocabulary. This application will also serve as a platform for others to develop application for other languages also. The authors have no objection in making this project as open source and hence can be improved by public. Apart from linguistic and social advantages, the application has many computing resource advantage, one of them being less size of the installer file. All of the properties, advantages, uses and future work of this application explained in the following sections make this as a promising start. Keywords - Computational linguistics, Language tools, Arabic language, Information Technology.