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The Form of Khon Performed Costumes in The Fine Arts Department

The main objectives of this thesis are to study the development of costume for Khon Performance, color form and the patterns of costume in Khon performance, a noble and classical masked dance. This research is a qualitative research which the data are collected in field study through an in-depth interview (Qualitative & In-depth Interview) and also participant observation method from the 9 related people. The study says: The descriptions of the costume using in Khon performed by the Fine Arts Department are designed its style depending on the different principle roles which are male, female, giant and monkey. The development of these costumes are imitated from �Krueng-Ton� or the royal costumes of kings, of which, at the time, however were made for performing Khon and Lakorn Nai or Royal Performing Art, also they have been gradually developed since Ayuthaya, Thonburi, Rattanakosin period and present day especially Khon performed by the Fine Arts Department. The form of colors and pattern of the costumes for Khon performed by the Fine Arts Department is inspired by the original that as is still done today, and it is usually used a primary colors such red, green and yellow which these colors are arranged in the form that the color of T-shirt and the profile are contrast which makes the costume very striking. For instance, the red dress of heroine will stitch its fringe with green. Additionally, the pattern to make embroidery for the outstanding roles which are male, female, giants and monkeys are completely different for instance, the pattern for female characters will embroider with small glitter and golden thread for its delicacy and elegance. On the contrary, the pattern of male character will be Kra-Jung-Ta-Oiy and Phum-Kaow-Bin pattern. Giant�s costume will be Na-Sing, Dao-Ka-Jaiy, Tee-Kiew patterns while monkey will use Taksinawat pattern. Index Terms - form, costume, Khon, performance