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The Effectof Promoting Thailand Border Marketto Border Communitiesfor AEC Casestudyin Thailand-Lao PDR. Friendship Bridgeiv (Chiangrai-Huay Xai)

The development of Friendship Bridge IV (Chiangrai-HuayXai) project causes the development in economy, trade, tourism, and travelling between Asian region and China. This includes the development of border markets between Thailand and Lao PDR along a major route from Chiangkong district-Chiangria through HuayXai district-Lao PDR. Regarding the completed Friendship Bridge IV, there are some advantages and disadvantages affecting to the surrounding communities of those countries. For example, it accomplishes the transportation networks among Thailand, Lao PDR and China. It also enhances the accessible opportunities in economy, travelling, education and public health to the proximate communities. On the other hand, it causes the dramatic changes in land-use and land price. It has also caused the transformation of land ownership from local people to some long-term immigrants, while some daily-employed workers have been laid off. Keywords: effect of promotion, Thailand border market, Thailand-Lao PDR. friendship