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Optimum Application of Electronics Board in Companies

Both naturally occurring methane gas, and suitable manufactured gases can betransportedunder pressure through polyethylene pipes. As a hazardous substance, the design ofinstallations involving the transportation of flammable gases is subject to national andinternational regulations, and as such, only competent persons should undertake the designand supervision of installations. This guide has been prepared as an aid for suitably qualifiedpersons involved in the process of laying polyethylene gas distribution pipes.Polyethylene is a poor conductor of electricity and should never be used for the earthing ofelectrical equipment.Within the gas distribution application, caution should be exercised in the use of polyethylenematerials as they are capable of holding a static electricity charge. It is the normal practicebefore performing a live gas operation on a polyethylene main to ensure that the pipe hasbeen earthed using wet rags prior to commencing the operation to mitigate the hazard. We investigate usages of power electricity and importance of engineering instruments through the gas industry and piping in this paper. Keywords - Gas, Piping, Engineering Instruments, Company