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The Study Is About Process Safety Culture For Selected Industries

Process safety is the single critical aspect in the process industry. The key to an excellent process safety performance is a strong process safety culture. The objective of this project is to measure the current level of process safety culture at the selected Industries. For this purpose, an actual Process Safety Culture Survey was conducted via a comprehensive process safety questionnaire adopt from Baker�s report publish in 2006 on Texas City Refinery Disaster, 2005 with the involvement of the process safety functional groups in the organization namely; management, operations, maintenance, safety and health committee and contractor. From the survey performed, the key gaps found were; not adequately establishing process safety as a core value, not adequately establishing a positive, trusting and open environment with effective lines of communication between management and the workforce, not providing a designated managerial position for a process safety dedicated leader, the workers at this organization tended to work with a high rate of overtime which may lead to fatigue, hence may impair their ability to perform the job safely the budget provided by the organization for the process safety program is inadequate. The said objectives were achieved; hence process safety culture performance can be improved and excelled for future purposes. Keywords: Process Safety, safety culture, Industry