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Fsk Modulation Based on Pedot: PSS and Methyl Red Heterojunction Memristor

In sensor applications, FSK modulation device for the various engineering fields is utilized. Especially, many researchers are studying for flexible electronic systems. In this paper, we propose frequency shift keying (FSK) modulation by using flexible memristor based on PEDOT: PSS and methyl red heterojunction fabricated trough printed technique. This memristor is applied in a square wave oscillator based on 555 timer, where memristor is switched from HRS to LRS at rising edge of an input signal, and from LRS to HRS at falling edge of the input pulse. Here, the proposed memristor provides two resistance values, and the output frequency is toggled two different frequencies by them. The memristor has the memristance of 1 k in LRS and 6.5 k in HRS, hence the output frequencies are varied as 12.08 kHz and 6.3 kHz, respectively. This FSK modulator device based on memristor can be applied in the optical system that output frequency is shifted according to the input signal polarity. Keywords- Memristor, memritance, FSK modulation, 555 timer.