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Integration Of RFID And 4g Systems For Roll Calling In The Class

Today,Internet is so popular with advanced technology。Many traditional jobs were only done by human beings,but now some jobs can be finished by machines that replace labors。On the other hand, people depend on many 3C products to complete their works and save time more。One of the most popular technology products is RFIDwhich has often been used as identification [1]。This study presents a design of RFID-based Roll Calling System with 4G video services and real-time SMS messages ,the system is able to collect students� in and out time in the class as well。The purpose to build the system can reduce the time wasted when teachers calls the roll in class。Also,it may increase attendance of students。Therefore,householders can focus in their work because they do not have to worry that their children come to the class or not。Parents can also check learning state of student with the 4G Video system. Index Terms�Rfid、Technological Advancements、Real-Time Sms Messages、4g Videoservices And Rfid-Based Roll Calling System.