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Optimization Of Process Parameter For Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3d Printing

Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printer which have similar process as SLA currently become a promising printing method among toolmakers for its ability to create objects faster than SLA. Process parameter is one of significant element used to enhance the quality of printed part. This paper attempt to investigate the influence of process parameter which are layer thickness and exposure time on physical and mechanical properties of DLP structure. The physical properties include surface finish and dimension accuracy whereas the mechanical properties covers ultimate tensile strength and the flexural properties of printed parts. The study is conducted on test sample of B9R-1-Red built using B9 Creators machine. All the samples are tested under specific ASTM test conditions. The finding results shows that layer thickness of 50 �m with exposure time of 9 sec have tensile and flexural strength of 8.98 N/mm2 and 18.39 N/mm2 respectively. As for dimensional accuracy, the percentage difference across dimension of B9R-1-Red is found to be 3.8%. It was found that for B9R-1-Red, the layer thickness of 50 �m with exposure time of 9 sec would provide the best mechanical properties along with minimum dimensional error. Keywords: Digital Light Processing, Process Parameter, Layer Thickness, Exposure Time, Mechanical Properties.