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Biofuel Production from Waste Virgin Coconut Oil By Hydrocracking Over Hzsm-5 Zeolite

Renewable energy is an important alternative energy source for replacing fossil fuels. The aim of this work was to determine optimal condition for biofuel production derived from virgin coconut oil waste containing natural triglycerides. In this study, the hydrocracking of virgin coconut oil waste was studied. The effect of reaction temperature (573-673K), initial pressure (20-40bar) and reaction time (1-3h) on the hydrocracking activity of HZSM-5 in batch reactor was studied. Liquid products were analyzed by distillation and the product distribution was obtained. HZSM-5 showed the highest yield of gasoline and kerosene with corresponding 4% and 35.6% under a temperature of 400�C, initial hydrogen pressure at 40bar and reaction time of 180 minutes. The highest yield of diesel was achieved 70% at temperature of 350�C, initial hydrogen pressure at 40bar and reaction time of 60 minutes. Keywords- Hydrocracking, Zeolite HZSM-5, Virgin coconut oil