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Architectural Discourse: Re-Emerging Nature Inspired Architectural Design Thoughts

This Paper presupposes about how certain events and ideologies in architecture discipline tend to reoccur over a period of time as a non-linear and linear system. Architecture as a discipline has been theoretically corresponds to universal thoughts. Though on the onset Vitruvius�s utilitatis� formitatis� and venustatis� set the basic trend on architectural theories pedagogy and practice, on the otherhand, the idea of nature inspired architectural conception has been in trend since time immemorial and keeps emerging. The form of nature as bio zoo centric expressions on the cave wall in prehistoric period is well portrayed. Inclusion of biological forms as a part of the structure are observed in the ancient and pre-modern period as well Thus every civilization represented the contents of observed nature as art in architecture. Although 20th centaury modern movement of architecture predominantly driven by Louie Sullivan�s �form follows function� hypothesis that has detached cultural and geographical underpinnings on the one hand, saw nature and its elements expressed as symbol/ metaphor in its built-form articulations on the other. In consequence, stayed as an acknowledged thinking strategy of design process as symbolic or metaphoric representations. In contrast late-modern period attempts to interprets the same as non representational expression that take cue from natural process; an antithesis� from function to process states � form follows process� ideology. Which sets the agenda and instrumental in post modern architectural movement. This paper attempts to establish that a repeated conception of nature inspired ideologies are a recurrent thought with various manifestations as representational to non representational strategy in design process despite other influencing parallel ideologies.