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Visual Research Methods: Social Types in Film

This study aims to discuss the representation of social types in cinema films and their use as a visual research method depending on sociological imagination and sociology of affects throughout selected cinema films. Social types as an important concept in social sciences can be examined in order to understand societies, cultures and people. We can see social types represented by actors and actresses in cinema films. On the other hand, visual sources can be used as a research method in today’s world. While doing this, “sociological imagination” and “sociology of affects” help us. Sociological imagination and sociology of affects, it is claimed that the use of visual sources (animation and feature cinema films) in sociological research and education enables fast and effective analysis of the social issues and their fast and effective transfer to the audience. With this aim, social types in social sciences will be discussed first. Visual research methods will be discussed second. Finally, representation of social types in cinema films will be discussed. Keywords- Social type, visual research, cinema, sociological imagination