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Community Involvement in Marine Food Resource Protection: A Case Study of Bu Boi, Thailand

The purpose of this paper is to examine how a small coastal community protects its marine food resource. The study was conducted at Bu Boi, a small coastal community on the shore of the Andaman Sea in Thailand, as a case study. We obtained field data through Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), combined with a number of other data collection research techniques: semi-structured interviews, participant observation, focus group discussions and field walks. Our findings demonstrate that community plays an important role to sustainable resource protection. Results revealed that their measures and strategies of marine food resource protection were classified into three mechanisms: (1) belief; (2) regulations of food resource management and (3) traditional practices of local resource users. An attempt to investigate strategies under the context of this small scale coastal community helps provide worthwhile information that can lead to policy planning to devise sustainable food security in the community and for other similar communities. Keyword- Marine resource protection, Coastal community, Thailand