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Sustainable Development and Design of Al-Malad Heritage Village: Site Visit and Physical Analysis

This paper describes an investigation designed to evaluate the current physical condition of heritage villages in Albaha. The Albaha region is a mountainous region, that is a popular destination for tourists, due to its geographical features, location (close to Makkah), and climate. The Albaha region is home to a number of heritage village, castles and historical facilities, which are key to developing tourism. Al-Malad heritage village in Albaha is discussed here, as an example of the current physical condition and the potential for development of the heritage villages in Albaha. A site visit was undertaken and physical surveys conducted to identify the genuine conditions affecting each individual building at the heritage village, to analyze the building size, shape, height, condition, land use and the construction materials used. The facilities at the selected heritage site were analyzed to establish how the villages can overcome cultural barriers and property related issues. This paper reveals the poor condition of the majority of the buildings, underlining the opportunity to develop the village. Some recommendations have been suggested to develop, re-plan to rehabilitate the village and to develop other similar heritage sites across the region. Keywords- Heritage planning; physical survey; sustainable heritage; heritage developments; historical facilities