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The Study of Applying Analytical Hierarchy Process to The Critical Success Factors of Commercial Long-Term Care Insurance

Because of Taiwan´┐Żs population aging rapidly, the needs of long-term caring have be increased. Therefore, population aging and fewer children is Taiwan's current grim subject. Long-term care service and long-term social insurance legislation had been adopted and the new laws will take effect from June 2017 in Taiwan. But these new long-term laws just provide basic health services. As a result, Taiwanese people can buy commercial long-term care insurance to make up for a deficiency in senior life. In the aging society, the commercial long-term care insurance is taken more seriously in Taiwan. The purpose of this study was the critical success factors of commercial long-term care insurance. To achieve this, this study used a quantitative phase (Analytical Hierarchy Process, AHP). Overall, the results revealed that Taiwanese people have high-demand for insurance benefits and physical long-term care service. Keywords- Population Aging, Long-Term Care Insurance, Critical Success Factor, Analytical Hierarchy Process.