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Reliability Analysis of Pump Failure Modes In Linear Alkyl Benzene Plant of (KRPC) For Maintenance Strategy Selection

The Work Involves the Examination of the Possible Failure Modes/Causes that occur in a pump for safety of operation, time and routine maintenance. The failure modes/causes constitute the total failure of a pump which if identified and eliminated will ensure high level of reliability, availability and efficiency of the system. The methodology employed the identification of significant few and insignificant many pump failures using Pareto analysis in capturing the failure modes, which help in determining which of these modes/causes, have an overriding importance in terms of frequency of occurrence and extent of possible damage, it is also crucial in reliability assessment. Field failure data were collected from Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemicals (KRPC) Linear Alkyl Benzene (L.A.B) Plant Maintenance Handbook from 1987 to 1992 a period at which the plant almost run at full capacity. The Pareto chart was then plotted using line-column in two axis Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The result indicates that attending to mechanical seal, gasket, bearing, coupling, Packing, inboard bearing, main bearing, outboard bearing, gear and pinion and wearing ring failures will lead to reliability increase. Hazard and probability plots were made which shows the mean time before failure MTBF of μ = 39.89 hours. They indicate the distribution of failure time to be exponential with a failure rate of λ = 0.02501[hr] 1. Keywords- Reliability Analysis, Alkyl Benzene Plant