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The Impact of Marketing on Revenue Generation in Polytechnic Consultancy Services Ltd, Fptb

This research is an attempt at analyzing the extent to which marketing can be used as a tool to enhance a firm`s revenue generation, and by implication, its profits using Polyconsult as a case study. The study adopted the survey type as questionnaire were developed to elicit responses from staff of polyconsult to get the primary data for the study, while textbooks, internet and journals were used as secondary data. SPSS Version 20.0 was used for Data analysis. It was revealed that marketing plays a significant role in the survival and growth of a firm. It was also found that the marketing activities impact positively on the revenue generation of the company. It was recommended among others that the company should carry out periodical review of its´┐Ż marketing functions for it to be abreast of competition. Key Words- Marketing, Revenue, Strategy, Customer.