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Translation of Figurative Language from English to Malay: An Analysis of The Translation of The Harry Potter Series

The field of translation has become one of the activities that give great importance to the world. Translation allows us to communicate despite language and cultural differences. In the process of translating from a source language to the target language, the culture of that language is often a problem with the translator. In translating the figurative language, not only requires the knowledge of the language and cultures of both source and target language, but also about choosing the appropriate word and appropriate translation strategies. The objective of this paper was to analyze the translation of figurative language found in the original text into the target text and the translation strategies used by translators to interpret figurative language. For this purpose, the researcher has chosen the texts from the famous Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling which had been translated by Pelangi Sdn Bhd. Findings show that three categories of figurative language seem to be dominant, namely idioms, simile and metaphors. The most translation strategy used is maintaining the image of the figurative elements of the English language. If a translation of figurative language is not done efficiently and resembles the original text, it will affect the overall presentation of the work. Index terms- translation, figurative language, idiom, metaphor, simile, Harry Potter, Malay language