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Implementation Of Total Poductive Maintenance (TPM) In A Milk Plant

Purpose:- the purpose of this paper is to implement the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in the Milk Industry. The paper aims to develop a methodology to increase production rate by minimising the downtime of machines and chances of breakdown and increasing the availability that will enhance Overall Equipment Efficiency. Design/Methodology/Approach :-the methodology is based on analysing the reliability of data of a milk plant . where the steps could be traced to implement the TPM through Autonomous Maintenance that will further improve the maintenance policies of the mechanical equipment. Also the continuous and thorough inspection of production pocess is achieved though management of overall equipment efficiency. Finding:- the goal of development methodology is to bring competitive advantages, such as increasing the productivity; improving the quality of the product; and reducing the cost of production line and wastage due to breakdowns in machines. Practical Implementations:- TPM in milk industry will as increase in productivity, improve the quality of the product, reducing the cost of production line and wastage due to breakdowns in machines and providing a healthier and safe work environment. It can help to improve the design and operation of the production line . Originality :- this paper presents the implementation of TPM in a Verka Milk Plant (Hoshiarpur) to generalising the process of implementation of TPM in Milk Plant. Keywords � TPM, OEE, Reactive or Breakdown Maintenance (RM), Preventive Maintenance (PM) ,Predictive Maintenance (PdM),MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT