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Service Quality of Hotels In Udon Thaniís Town, Thailand

The objectives of the study of Service Quality of Hotels in Udon Thaniís Town, Thailand were 1) to study SERVQUAL of hotels in Udon Thaniís Town, Thailand in 5 factors which were tangibles, reliability, assurance, responsiveness and empathy and 2) to study the comparison between customersí expectation and customersí satisfaction. The samples were Thais, domestic tourists who received service from hotels in Udon Thaniís Town by using the stratified random sampling of 400 samples. The research method was questionnaires and hypothesis testing statistics or t-test to make a comparison analysis between services from customersí expectation and level of satisfaction from customersí perception. The result revealed that the respondents expected tangibles at a highest level; empathy, responsiveness at a high level. The respondents satisfied tangibles and empathy at a highest level; responsiveness and assurance were at a high level. Keywords- Service Quality, expectation, satisfaction