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Good Governance of Local Government in Nakhon Ratchasima Province Thailand

This research want to study the structure, processes, factors and limitations of local government in NakhonRatchasima about good governance. To develop knowledge about good governance to suit the local government administration. Research methodology used qualitative research by case studies the research tool is in-depth interview 14 persons also used participatory observation and documents. As Triangulation (Creswell, 2013), both the data and research methods. The conceptual framework used good governance concept by UNESCAP (UNESCAP, 2005) to analyzed. This research focus on the structure of authority and other agencies involved in the administration of local government. Including interest groups and stakeholders which have affect to the administration, both directly and indirectly by all parties trying to influence local government and exploitation. The administrators will be the coordinate and try to balance all the power to be able to manage effectively and achieving the purposes. Keywords- good governance, local government, administration