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From Bangkok to Beijing on The Early Cold War: The Underground Diplomacy of Field Marshal Pibulsongkram Government, 1955 -1957

On the Calendar of International Relations, Most Scholars in Thailand would probably remember that 1975 was the beginning of relations between Thailand and the People's Republic of China. However,since 1955Field Marshal Pibulsongkram Government attempted to establish a relations between Bangkok-Beijing by The Underground Diplomacy. Until the signing of the Mutual of Understanding, Thailand and China.Finally, the Bangkok-Beijing secret rapprochement was short-lived. The Pibulsongkram government came to an abrupt end in 1957 following a coup executed by Military Dictator - Field Marshal SaritThanarat. Secret contact with Beijing was then terminated. Keywords- Cold War; Thailand and the People's Republic of China; Pibulsongkram