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A Management Model of Development for Suansunandha Rajabhat University Through The Sustainable Tourism

This research is propose to study and find a potential in the areas affecting management factors affecting sustainable tourism for SuansunandhaRajabhat University in a model of a qualitative research as a survey research. The sample population is executives and faculty members, including persons related to university management of SuansunandhaRajabhat University, total: 5 persons. The researcher usedinterview form as a tools used in the research, the researcher distributed in-depth interview form. The obtained information was brought to conduct content analysis by focus group and brainstorming from expert academician, as well as, persons related to university management of SuansunandhaRajabhat University to consider in sustainable tourism management for SuansunandhaRajabhat University, analyze and develop to be a management of Development for SuansunandhaRajabhat University to through the Sustainable. From the paper results, it is came out that the criteria in management, planning, organizing, personnel management, leadership and guiding, coordination, controlling, budgeting and marketing could power to be amanagement of Development for SuanSunandhaRajabhat University to through the Sustainable Tourism; therefore, SSRU should set up more plans concerning related matters, as well as, development, determining form and policy of SuansunandhaRajabhat University. Keywords- Sustainable Tourism, SuansunandhaRajabhat University, Tourism management.