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Determining The Impact of Forced Downsizing Strategies on Employees’ Commitment in Libyan Education Sector

This study will investigate how employee who survives from downsizing strategies will committed to their institution. Researcher will go through quantitative study to examine the impact of downsizing strategies;by distribute self-structured questionnaire to the employee from ministry of education. Only 258 questionnaire got enough data to be analyzed by the researcher, and the result show negative effect downsizing strategies can make on employee commitment. Downsizing strategies left bad impact on employee behavior and reduced their commitment, especially when the government did not have good plane to transfer their employee, and trained them for new job. Unstable work environment will reduce employee loyalty and commitment, because he is scared from losing his job by new strategies orprocedures, also the change government make on employee workplace, may not meet with employee expectation.Downsizing strategies can be used as source of cutting cost, and increasing the profit, government also used this strategy to play certain role on their manpower. Key Words- forced Downsizing Strategies, Employees’ organization commitment, Education Sector, Libya.