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The Efficiency Of Using Mobile Application For Encourage Culture Tourism Of Sculpture And Architecture 9 Temples In Bangkok, Thailand

The mobile application has a necessory in tourism business to become available anywhere that use to find interesting knowledge of travel place. This paper aims to propose the efficiency of using the mobile application online system for encouraging culture tourism that focus on sculpture and architecture of 9 temples in Bangkok, Thailand by using panorama technique. This study collects interesting information of sculpture, painting and architecture in each legend temples. All information was designed and stored in a database that consist of image, text, animation, area place and map for helpful tourism. The mobile application is implemented in Eclipse, SQLite, android, Java SE, and panorama software. The result of the experiment is evaluated by user satisfaction and the expert evaluation that showed Mean and Standard deviation 3.98, 4.01 and 0.74, 0.69 respectively. Moreover, the number of tourism was an increase of 25.5% in the period 12 months, which will contribute to the economy of the community better in their places. Therefore, this mobile application can be used as a tool to promote cultural tourism on the other place. Keywords- Culture Tourism, Sculpture and Architecture, Mobile Application.