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The Study Of 21st Century Classroom Requirement To Accomodate With Design Lighting In State Classroom With �RELUX�

This experimental research is to improve the lighting in the classrooms of state schools as the case study. As we have developing, in Thailand, the structuring of the classroom to accommodate as 21st century classroom. We start with the selection classroom where is most frequent booked. The physical survey to the luminance values then analyzed the luminosity compared to IES standards and compatible devices in the classroom. With simulation test model and 3D Perspective with RELUX*. Operating have done in the cloudy day. Classrooms are empty, the lights in the room were not enough as 487 lux comparing to 500 lux as the international standard (IES) and flare beyond the standard required in the some parts of the room and there is not enough light near the door. Some of the luminaire parts are damaged and no maintenance. The equipment in the classroom has yet encourage to support the 21st century classroom. The updated guidelines are: 1. Improve the quality of light available to standard. The natural light and artificial light used together in some areas to improve quality of light. 2. Saving electricity cost by increased define lighting zone of the luminaire, moreover the organizing the lamp direction in accordance with the closed window zones. 3. Improve the quality of the components in the classroom to 21st century classroom to accommodate future technology by adding IT devices to facilitate communication of information, IoT, with considering to design for supporting the 21st century classroom style seating in the future. Keywords - 21st century classroom, classroom luminosity, RELUX, IoT : Internet of Things