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The Effect Of Combined Exercise And Meditation On Physical Fitness And Autonomic Nervous System

The health prevention and exercise for health is motivation and problem statements research. This study aimed to examine the effects of combined exercise and meditation program on physical fitness and autonomic nervous system. Warm up, Step aerobics, Breathing exercise, Isometric exercise Meditation and Stretching. Be included as a continuous activity for 30 minutes. The training program consisted of 7 weeks. A pretest-posttest experimental research design was used. The sample consisted of 30 female and 3 male of University Student. The measures of physical fitness included muscle strength (hand grip and leg strength), flexibility (Sit -and -Rich test), and lungs capacity. The autonomic capacity were measured by heart variability (HRV) and a modified form electrocardiograph (wireless ECG). After training, significant improvements were found all of physical fitness, and reports on autonomic evaluation using HRV analysis were found no significant improvement. The 30 minutes combined exercise and meditation program should be recommended as a method to maintain and promote the health. Keywords - Step Aerobics, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Autogenic