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The Study Of South East Asian Carbon-Tapping Techniques And Kiln Design On Contemporary

This research is a study on the smoke carbon process that found from the traditional pottery, to apply the finding from the experiment discovery in contemporary pottery art creative. From the study of the history and methods of carbon-tapping techniques of Southeast, it can be found that the pattern of contemporary pottery work, which still plays important role for living of Southeast Asian society. From the study, the researcher has studied the various dimensions of the experiment and the factors that may be the cause of smoke carbon, both in the form of carbon that caused by the piling up of fuels and the flames. By controlling factors on the raw material or fuels, the deposition of ashes and air ventilator with the proportions and factors of kiln and demonstrate the control result by its application. The result products is a collection of pottery from the carbon-tapping process that inspired by the form of the wickerwork, which is the symbol expressing the effect of beauty caused by Southeast Asian people wisdom. Based on the findings of the experiment that can be used to control carbon-tapping, it was found that the material factor affects the amount of carbon and theduration of temperatures occurring inside the kiln. The factors affecting the deposition of ash, that affects the carbon smoke on work pieces surface, according to the subsidence level of ash, and air ventilation factors affect the position of the carbon as the direction controlled by the operation of the kiln wall Index Terms- Carbon-Tapping