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Study Of Product Design: Perception Of Product Users In Functionality And Ability Of Products To Control Calories From The Elders' Meals

Foods affect our bodies in different ways and go through different metabolic pathways. Attractive story with simple functional and appropriate font size can be an effective tool to control the calorie when elderly not care in the eating. to the use while pointing to the design element and pictorial. This research thus endeavors to (1) To study the specific characteristics designs principles food packaging calorie-controlled energy to the restrictions for the elderly. (2) To examine the distinctive visual perception packaging food responsible for Energy are able to said that enough calories each day to the elderly. Easier to take care of themselves design.The sample group questionnaires for Pa�Nakhon elders who retire worked in Bangkok areas. Stratified random sampling on 30 people. The data were analyzed through stats, frequency, mean, and percentage. From the study, it was found that preferred competencies of packaging in the prototype one was satisfying at a high level as the structure of the product was relatively practical in terms of logistics and function. All in all, on both types the satisfaction level on both type for start design take care of themselves elderly. Keywords - Product development, element of design, Community Product, Packaging, Control Calories Elders' Meals