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The Sustainable Development Of Community Product And Packaging By Creative Economy For Angthong Province

This research was aimed to study 1) the need of the community products encompassing accessories and souvenirs, the problem in design technology and product development in Angthong province 2) design and product development as well as a packaging that were workable, unique and attractive. 3) consumers� attitudes towards the prototype product and the prototype packaging. The incorporated respondents in this study were those in Bang Chocha woman co-op group. Using an opened questionnaire, the received data were applied as a guideline to sketch a design. The process of this research consisted of drafting the sketch design which was evaluated by 3 design specialists, constructing the prototype, and assessing consumers� satisfaction by sampling on 150 respondents and tourists.The finding showed that a handbag was the most popular product in the market. Nevertheless, it still had some weak points which were typical problems to those found in a so-called OTOP�lack of uniqueness and lack of attractiveness. The bag handle and its accessories were perceived as way too ordinary since the materials and the appearances were not different from those of the other OTOPs. The study pointed out that the prototype 4 was the most successful particularly in the development in order to upgrade the product to become the identity of the Angthong province community group, comparing with other OTOPs from other communities. The decorating material, the combination of knitting wool and wicker illustrated the uniqueness of the product. Most consumers were attracted to such product. Additionally, the logo in the prototype2 with the BOHEMIAN ESCAPE Trend was pragmatic at a high level. The shape of the product was designed and developed to form the product logo representing its image which was also easy to remember, together with expressing the group characteristics. The packaging in the prototype1 was satisfying at a high level as the structure of the product was relatively practical in terms of logistics and function. All in all, the satisfaction level on both types of handbags was immensely high. Index Terms - Product development, Community Product, Packaging, Creative economy.