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The Impact on The Community Using Biogas Technology In The Community

Biogas is a renewable alternative species that can be made from household to industrial plants. Raw materials are mainly biomass waste from the animals in the community. Result show that of potential at Banmuang sub district, Bandung district, Udonthani province have pigs of 5-10 per household, Cody-Buffalo of 2-8 per household and duck - chickens of 10-15 per household on average to produce biogas. The installation of biogas systems for storing information measuring 5-8 cubic meters because it is appropriate to breeders household level. Biogas can be used to cook 1-3 hours per day or amount of methane per day, about two cubic meters for enough to use the cooking gas LPG. Cattle - Buffalo 2-5 per household to get enough produce biogas. The results of economics was the cost savings per household on average 370 baht per month/household. The investment community farmer household installations of value investing is at 3,000-5,000 baht. Saving the equivalent of 3,840 baht/year grant period is 0.91 years. The investment period with a short payback period and the economic returns are high. Household savings and reduces the pollution is another way. Keywords- Dung, Biogas, Agricultural, Community