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The Model For The Development of Bang Lamung Market, Chonburi Province to Be Environmentally Friendly

The purposes of this research were to analyze the model for the development of Bang Lamung market, Chonburi Province to be environmentally friendly, 7 Green which consists of Green Heart, Green Logistics, Green Attraction Green Community, Green Activity, Green Service and Green Plus. The qualitative research and quantitative research were used for analyzing data in this research. This research used a questionnaire distributed to a sample of 400 Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province tourists as well as an interview of a 3 community leaders at Bang Lamung market. Statistics was used for analyzing data were T-test, One-way ANOVA and LSD. The study found through the comparison of demographic characteristics like gender, age and occupation that there is no difference within the given significance level of 0.05. In the comparison of education there is no difference with the given significance level of 0.05. This research will be used as guideline for the development of Bang Lamung market to be environmentally friendly as well as the result of this research can also be used for guiding other markets and other tourist destinations. Keywords: Tourism, Market, Chonburi Province.