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The Actualization Of Aqeeda In Professional Work Ethos Of Academic World

The role of the performance of the individual is needed to promote the quality of education. Without the performance of a good purpose will be very far reached the sink far fire from the toast. The performance of the individual teachers is urgently required in the world of education. This Qualitative Literature Research discusses about how aqeedah islamiyah could increase professionalism quality in the world of Education especially Teachers, Lectures, Students, Department Staffs and all the educational board included. The Result Shows that Professional in Islam especially in the field of education, that someone must (a)have qualified science on Teaching and education and have adequate motivation to support the task as professional; (b)Professional teachers need to understand principle of administration and operational principles; (c)The Professionalism is basically grounded in two main criteria, namely, is a call of life and expertise. (d)Teachers in Islam as a professional office holders bringing double mission in the same time the religious mission and the mission of science. (e) The purpose of education reached a teacher must have the conditions of subject: Conditions Syahsiyah and Conditions of Ilmiah, and condition of Idofiyah. Keywords: Aqeeda Islamiya, Work Ethos, Professional Educators, Academic World.