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Sleep Duration And Microwave Communication Wireless Devices Among High School Students In Bangkok, Thailand

Use of microwave communication wireless devices, i.e., mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc., has been more widely popular among adolescents in most, if not all, countries globally. Obviously, computer games, entertainment and social media related applications (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Line) have played pivotal roles in making adolescents to become addicted to those devices, thus being over-indulged with those gadgets and applications. Consequently, adolescents today have increasingly had insufficient sleep and sleep disturbances, especially those living their life in urban environment. The objectives of this research encompass two key issues, namely, to investigate sleep patterns and evaluate the association between socio-demographic aspects and use of microwave communication wireless devices with less sleep duration among adolescents in Bangkok, Thailand. This study covered 1,080 high school students from 10 high schools of Bangkok area. Descriptive analysis and multivariable logistic regression models were employed in order that, statistically, the significant associations can be identified. The results showed that the prevalence of adolescents´┐Ż less sleep duration (<8 hr.) accounted for 835 (77.3%). Multivariable logistic regression analysis pointed out less sleep duration was associated with GPA of 3.13-3.50 (OR=1.70 [95% CI=1.11-2.59]), GPA >3.50 (OR=2.30 [95% CI=1.43-3.69]), use smartphone with online internet when needed (OR=2.09 [95% CI=1.02-4.30]), internet offline before bedtime (OR=2.57 [95% CI=1.11-5.95]), and internet online all the time (OR=3.14 [95% CI=1.47-6.68]). It is recommended that adolescentsshould be educated to be aware of the risks involving the use of, and exposure to, microwave communication wireless devices, apart from the impacts of sleep time. More importantly, individuals and organizations concerned should play key roles in coming up with sound and efficient policy to tackle this issue. Index Terms´┐ŻSleep, Sleep Duration, Microwave Communicationwireless Use, Adolescent Health