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The Passionpreneur Culture: New Approach In Business And Economy

Recently, to adapt the development of management sciences with the speed change in the environment (external and internal of the organizations), the specialists (Scholars/ Researchers) have invented the term of (Passionpreneur) which includes the characteristics of (courageous people, passion, spirit of success, challenge desires, business, confidence and creativity to pursue multiple passions in life, despite being told the correct way is to focus on one area , ...) to get to the success in the business and economy field. This term of Passionpreneur has a specific culture named passionpreneur culture which is a new approach in the business or economy, with new components of culture and methodology to achieve effective results in modern enterprises and companies. This paper presents the approach which exceeds (Entrepreneurial or organizational Culture) and it addresses leaders in economy and business or graduates in order to know if they will be passionpreneurs in labor market? Keywords- passion-preneur culture, passion-preneur model, HR Management.