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Prevalence Of Sexual Harassment In Sports: Malaysian Athletes Experience

This article presents data from a cross-sectional study onprevalence of sexual harassment among Malaysian athletes. Main objective of this study is to discover the experience of sexual harassment in sports among Malaysian athletes. There are three sub-objectives in order to achieve the main objective, i) to identify the background of victims, ii) to discuss the sexual harassment experience of victims and iii) to what extent this experience affecting their performance. Four hundred twenty two respondents (male = 259, female=163) who were currently involved in competitive sports either in national and international level responded to a questionnaire. Results indicate 15.9% of respondents experienced sexual harassment in sports.Overall, 46.3% of the victims represented Malaysia in international competitions. There were significant relationships (p<0.05) on gender with effect of emotion and healththe sexual harassment. This study discovered that 28% of the respondents experienced impaired performance, psychological and health wellbeing. Keywords- Sexual harassment, Sports, Athletes, Experience and performance