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Influence Of Pile Inclination On Batter Pile Groups Subjected To Lateral Loading In Sand

When a structure is subjected to large amount of lateral load, batter piles are used in combination to vertical piles. Batter piles convert overturning moment into compression and tension forces. Little literature is available about the behavior of batter piles in group. In present study 66 tests were conducted on batter pile groups under lateral load with batter pile inclined at 20º, 25º, 30ºand 35º. Results indicate that negative batter pile individually as well as in a pile group show less amount of deflection and group efficiency is greater than sum of individual piles efficiency. Further as batter angle increases from 20 º to 25 º pile capacity increases and decreases beyond 25 º Key words- Batter piles, Batter pile groups, Lateral loading, Batter angle, sand