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Ensuring Quality Performance of Faculty Attendance Management System

This research focused on the beta testing and pilot testing of faculty attendance management system to ensure its quality performance. The system was intended to help the university administrators to establish an efficient and effective system in monitoring faculty attendance. The Faculty Attendance Management System (FAMS) is a web based and mobile application which is proven to be efficient and effective in handling and recording data, generating updated reports and analytics needed in managing faculty attendance. The FAMS can facilitate not only a convenient and faster way of gathering and recording of data, but it can also provide data analytics, immediate feedback system mechanism, and analysis. The faculty analytics generated from the system may not only be used by Deans and Chairperson in their evaluation of faculty performance but as well as the individual faculty to increase awareness on their attendance in class. The software database architecture uses MySQL for web-based, and SQLite for mobile applications. The system includes different modules that capture daily attendance of faculty members, generate faculty attendance reports and analytics, absences notification system for faculty members, chairperson and dean regarding absences, and immediate communication system concerning the absences incurred. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation showed that the system satisfactory met the stakeholder�s requirements. Beta testing and pilot testing have also been conducted. The functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and security all turned out to be above average. Likewise, results showed that the quality performance of the system is very satisfactory. It was recommended that the faculty assignments must be finished on or before the classes starts and all changes must be reflected on the system. The Internet infrastructure or connectivity of the university greatly affected the performance of the system; therefore, it is recommended to upgrade the internet connectivity of the university. Keywords- Faculty Attendance Management System, MySQL, SQLite