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Principals’ Support To Teachers For Better Teaching

The purpose of this study is to reveal what kind of support principals provide for teacher in order to do their jobs better. Principals are legally having some powers in Turkey’s settings in order to contribution to the teacher’s professional development. If school principals –should be a leader- contribution and support for the professional development of teachers in their school is getting higher teachers would be very successful in professional development. Organizations follow some strategies to be effective and achieve the planned goals. It could be achieved only by means of members shared efforts. Leader’s behavior is central in order to activate members and define the politics of what is in favor of teachers in school settings. Effective leadership is required when to motivate members. Organizational effectiveness could be achieved by internalization of the goals associated with the value expression and self-identification. It is related with the power sources that leader should have in organizations. It is better to explain the words underlining the correlations with others that are helpful to analyze the meaning. Power has usually appeared in literature pertaining to the words such as authority, hierarchy, influence, and control and sometimes used interchangeable. It is right to define related concepts together with direct definition of the word itself in order not to cause confusion in context. In this study principals were asked how to contribute teachers’ professional development and provide suitable environment at schools so as to ensure more effective learning and teaching. It is also tried to analyze which are the points that of principals can deal with to build good relationship between teachers and students. This study employed a qualitative research methodology of phenomenology to collect and analyze the interpretations and meanings of principals’ views, drawing from open-ended, semi-structured questions. The data were gathered through an open-ended form that was developed by the author and validated by other experts who have held leadership positions among the faculty of education. Researchers tried to analyze and deeply investigate the problems socially that they consider occurring in reality. This analysis aims at identifying central themes in the data, and searching for recurrent experiences, feelings and attitudes, so as to be able to code, reduce and connect different categories into central themes. The analysis was conducted by the second author of this paper and was validated by structured analysis and through peer review by the first author. Consequently, principals involved in the study asserted that teachers are moderately sufficient professionally and pedagogically; they do not believe that teachers could do effective teaching at schools; principals are not certain what teachers expect them to build good relationship with neighborhoods; are aware of that social activities could help teachers do their jobs better and finally they believe economic insufficiencies are basic cause of ineffective social relationship between environment. As a result, principals’ point of view could be considered somewhat less inclusive, but it could be informative and initiating to get idea of what teachers think about for better teaching-learning environment. Keywords: Teacher, School Principal, Professional Developm