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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Management (Km): Towards Organizational Performance

The aim of this paper is to focus on the concept of knowledge management and to show the contribution of each type of use of ICT (the creative use and the reactive use) on KM in terms of codification of knowledge and personalization of knowledge. Furthermore, we aim to identify the impact of KM fostered by ICT on enhancing the organizational performance of the firm precisely in human resources values, in sustainability of the organization and in economic efficiency, specifically in the telecommunications sector in the Tunisian context. Therefore, we highlight the hypothesis which states that ICT use has a positive impact on KM. Furthermore, a second hypothesis is studied to show that KM affects positively organizational performance. Methodologically, our study adopts a positivist epistemology with a hypothetico-deductive approach. Empirically, we have targeted the Tunisian and foreign companies established in Tunisian territory and belonging to the telecommunications sector and we were able to ask 114 persons. We used the software SPSS Version 18, we made factor analysis and regression analysis. Concerning results, we validated both hypotheses. As consequence, we have concluded that the overall results confirm our conceptual model. Keywords- Knowledge Management (KM), Organizational Performance (OP), Usage of ICT, Knowledge Personalization, Knowledge Codification, Creative use, Reactive use.