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The Role Of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) In Company Of Oil Palm According To Indonesian Company Law No 40/2007 In Developing Wild Life Preserve

Indonesia is a country that has the 2nd widest land of tropical forest in the world after Brazil. As tropical country which is full of biodiversity, protecting the biodiversity is a must for us as Indonesian people. According to the data of Head Division of Environment and Disaster Mitigation, the total land of burnt forest which is scattered in the whole regions of Indonesia is about 2.1 million hectares. Furthermore, according to Head Division of Central Data and Information BNPB, SutopoPurwoNugroho , the total land of burnt forest is equal to 1.9 million the large of the football field or reached out 32 times of large land of Indonesia’s capital city called Jakarta. Forest fires mostly occurred in border areas which have minimum infrastructures. From the distribution of hotspots, 30 percent of them were in non-concessional forest areas, 20 percent were in oil palm plantation, and 20 percent were others. Forest fires had already burnt many kinds of plants and tropical biodiversity. Therefore, re-establishment of Law that manages about corporation social responsibilities is needed. According to Indonesia Law No 40/2007 first verse has the substance about companies while doing their business activities in the field and or related to natural resources are obligatory to carry out the responsibilities to social-environment. All this time, real victims of Indonesia’s burnt forest are wild animals that lived in those forests. The population of wild animals in Indonesia’s forests always decreases from year to year. Illegal hunting is not the main cause of the decreased population wild animals. However, the main cause of the decreased population of wild animals is forests fires. The appropriate implementation to overcome this crisis must be focused on protecting wild animals inside of it. As of, wild fire will not impact systematically to the continuity of protected animals. The management of preserve will be companies’ responsibilities that will be directly controlled by government. So that future generations will enjoy the biodiversity of animals in Indonesia. Keywords: Responsibility, Environment, Law, Tropical Country, Wild Life Preserve